Accurate Automatic and Semi Automatic Filling Machines

Auger filling and packaging machine uses auger, vibration and pump methods to fill the powder, granules, and liquids into variety of containers in either automatic or semi-automatic manner.
With many years of practical experiences, the main competitive advantage of the company lies in providing the best packaging solution. Particularly the auger filling, and vibratory filling machines of Auger have been used by many business owners of their integral production line especially in food, pharmaceutical, and chemical field.
According to the different accuracy, speed, and flow characteristics of the packaging required by the customers, Auger provide suitable proposals to meet the requirements.

Auger Filling Machine

The auger filling machines are used to fill and package all dry powder products.

Auger Filling Machine, Powder Filling Machine

Vibratory Filling Machine

Our vibratory fillers/granules filling machines are designed to hit accurate weights for granule products.

Accurate and Quality Granule Vibratory Filling Packing Machine

Pump Filling Machine

Our pump liquid filling machines give the speed and accuracy required to fill and seal bags with liquid and paste products such as ketchup, milk, juice, sauce, chili sauce, soymilk, etc.

Pump Liquid Filling Machine

Integral Line System

Our integral line system/powder filling line is designed for filling powder products into bottles or cans.

Integral Line System, Powder Filling Line