Semi-Auto Weighing Filling Machine

  • Semi-Auto Weighing Filling Machine
  • Semi-Auto Weighing Filling Machine
  • Designed for metering, filling various kinds of granular products, such as crude sugar, red beans, rice, green beans, and animal feeds... etc.
  • Range of filling and metering: 50-3000 g.
  • Automatic material supply device
  • Product Feature
  • Product Specification
  • Automatic scale weighing control.
  • Easy to set filling weight.
  • Filling weight accuracy tolerance is controlled within±1%.
  • The weighing unit features automatic reset.
  • Graduation of load cell is 1 g.
  • Double vibration metering design.
  • The machine is available to be system-linked with material supply system.
  • Japan Mitsubishi PLC.
Model SM-02
Machine Size L: 900 × W: 950 × H: 1800 mm
Machine Weight 250kg
Filling Speed Single Scale: 6-8 bags/min
Double Scales: 12-16 bags/min
Three Scales: 20-24 bags/min
(Vary with different products, and filling weight.)
Power Required 220V,1Ø,1.0HP,50/60Hz