Filling and Packaging Machine Manufacturer

Precise Measure, Best Quality

Auger Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1992. Located in the center of the machinery industry in Taiwan, Auger develops and manufactures auger fillers and packaging machinery. The founder of Auger Enterprise Co., Ltd. established the company in his hometown to provide jobs and training for the local talents. Auger's fillers and packing machinery meet the stringent requirements for precise weight checking, bagging, and packaging. They are ideal for food and confectionery manufacturing, the pharmaceutical industry, and the fine chemical industries.

Our main products are auger fillers, vibratory fillers, and pump fillers.
Our products apply to filling and packaging all kinds of powders, granules, liquids, and gels. We offer products and services, ranging from fillers, automatic fillers, packing machinery to turnkey systems. Auger's high-quality customized fillers and packaging machines, together with reliable technical assistance, ensure the customer's production and packaging's uptime and smooth operation.

Non-Stop Innovation

Since its establishment, Auger has been committed to developing filling technology, continuously improving its technical capabilities, and striving for excellence in design and manufacturing. We aim to meet customer requirements and achieve customer satisfaction by continually pursuing technological breakthroughs and developing customer-oriented fillers and packaging machines.

In our R&D department, knowledgeable and experienced engineers devote themselves to developing, analyzing, and improving our machines. The R & D department considers the diversified characteristics of powders, granules, and liquids. It also considers how Auger fillers and packaging machines can accommodate themselves to these characteristics and ensure the most effective and efficient production. The abundant and active R & D capacities enable Auger to win patents on fillers and packaging machines' designs and functions.

Global Reach

Auger’s filling and packaging machines have won recognition from customers. We gain praise from customers in the Asian market and regularly receive inquiries from customers in the African and European markets. We insist on the quality of 'made in Taiwan' machinery and carefully monitor the manufacturing process, from design, planning, to manufacturing. Besides, to provide services in the international market more efficiently, Auger works with local dealers in Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and the Philippines, as well as the Netherlands (Europe) and Algeria (Africa). In addition to continuing to deepen our relationships with customers in the Asian market in the future, we hope to extend our reach of machinery offerings and services to more international markets.

Precise Measurement

Auger develops and manufactures fillers for powders and granules. We also collaborate with our partners to develop precision checkweighers. Equipped with technical innovation, we extend our services to designing and installing turnkey solutions for automatic filling and packaging.

Filling and packaging machines of premium quality and superior operating systems ensure the precision and reliability of filling done by our machines. The high quality of our machines has won the favor of the pharmaceutical industry. Thus, our filling machines are also suitable for any precise filling production required in other sectors. We can also fine-tune a single fill's margin of errors, according to the customer's requirement for powder, granule, or liquid filling.

Best Filling Quality

Auger strives for excellence in design and manufacturing. We continuously pursue technical improvements and develop new fillers and complementary machines to cater to customers' requirements from different industries. Whether it is a filler, a packaging machine, or complementary equipment, Auger's machinery shows high precision, high efficiency, and a user-friendly interface. Auger takes stringent measures in controlling product and service quality. Because of this, our products are CE certified and win praise from our customers. Whether in the European, African, or Asian market, we insist on offering high-quality machines and customer service.

Auger specializes in the manufacture of filling and packaging machinery. We also provide turnkey solutions by establishing long-term collaborations with Taiwanese partners that offer raw material for machinery construction, sieve shakers, air washers, capping machines, labeling machines, electromagnetic induction mechanisms, and checkweighers. We work with other Taiwanese manufacturers to create high-quality filling and packaging systems and aim to introduce high-quality ‘Made in Taiwan’ filling and packaging systems to domestic and overseas markets.

Auger design and sales teams provide complete tailor-made production line planning catering to each customer’s specific needs. We also provide all-round technical services and after-sales services. Our production process is ISO 9001 certified. Therefore the machinery and the production system can meet customer requirements and guarantee customer satisfaction.