Powder Filling Packing Machine

The Auger filling machine can turn the dry powder products into micro powder with a light density and fine texture by filling into the bottles, cans, and sealing sachets. The range of filling and metering is 1 ~ 50g at small doses of dry powder. The powder packaging system can significantly reduce dust emission problem during the packaging process as the sealing mechanism by air operated able to ensure smooth appearance of product without pin-hole problem that assures superior tightness of sealing.
Applicable types: flour, seasoning powder, salt, sugar, flavoring, chemical powder, pharmaceutical powder, probiotics, enzyme, biotechnology powders, etc.

  • Fill and pack the powder products into bags, cans and bottles
  • Small bag or bottle can be packed
  • Vertical packing machine: (a) Save space for placement (b) Easy to change parts, suitable for small quantity production
  • Range of filling and metering: 1 ~ 50g, small doses of dry powder
  • Reduce dust emission problem
  • Screws are all customized
  • Packing speed: about 45 to 60 bags per minute, vary with different products and filling weight

Designed for various types of powder and granular products, such as, canned milk powder, medicine powder, food powder and chemical powder


  • Flour
  • Chemical Powder
  • Spice Powder
  • Coffee Powder
  • Adhesive Powder
  • Protein Powder
  • Starch
  • Chinese Or Western Medicine Powder
  • Metal Powder
  • Milk Powder
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Cement Powder
  • Probiotic Powder
  • Seasoning Flavor
  • Cleaning Powder
  • Fire Extinguishing Powder