Q& A

Where does the accuracy of auger filler come from?

(1) Pseudo specific gravity of raw material & volume pressure of storage tank
When the material enters the hopper of the filling machine, it must be maintained at a stable and consistent false specific gravity, and the liquid level in the hopper must be maintained within a certain range in order to form a consistent and stable volume pressure. Under such conditions, the volume of the material to be filled will be the same for each screw at a fixed interval during the metering operation of the screw, and the weight of the filled material will be accurate.

The false specific gravity value of the material can be started from the material handling side, in addition to mixing evenly and sieving out agglomerates, we also recommend using a vertical feeding system from top to bottom to control the material during transport to the filling machine, so that the false specific gravity out of the material will be more consistent. With the level controller of the storage tank to control the level of the material in the storage tank to achieve a stable volume pressure.

(2) Screw operating speed
Screws, for example, are available in different specifications, sizes and designs to meet various filling weight requirements. The speed of the screw should be adjusted according to the characteristics, specific gravity and particle size of the filling material, in order to achieve a more stable performance.

(3) Blender
In the tank of the Filler, besides the screw, the level controller and the agitator, there is also the agitator to work together. The speed and frequency of the blender must match the speed of the screw in order to break the bridge of the material and push the material to the screw, which will help to maintain the volume pressure in the tank to achieve the best precision.