Automatic Powder Filling Plugging & Capping Machine (Small Volume)

  • Automatic Powder Filling Plugging & Capping Machine
  • Automatic Powder Filling Plugging & Capping Machine
  • Designed for metering and filling various kinds of powder and granular products into bottles/cans, such as, Chinese / Western medicine powder, food powder and chemical powder... etc.
  • Range of filling and metering: 1-30 g. (Easy to change capacity by simply changing the auger).
  • Product Feature
  • Product Specification
  • Adopts auger type metering method with liner conveyor system for filling powder into bottles/cans.
  • Auger tool is one-piece manufactured of stainless steel.
  • Bottle auto-positioning device and filling vibration device systems are available to be added on.
  • Automatically stops when an error occurs. Stop filling automatically when there’s no bottle, and when bottle jammed occurs, no air supply or insufficient air pressure... etc., the machine (system) will also stop automatically.
  • The machine is available to be system-linked with material supply system.
  • Transmission system of the filling machine is driven by Japan Mitsubishi servo motor for high accuracy and stability.
  • 10 sets of memory modules for memorizing different kinds of products and filling weights.
  • HMI touch screen for operational control.
  • All air cylinders employ Japan (SMC) for dependable quality and stability.
  • Japan Mitsubishi PLC.
Model SM-2102
Machine Size L: 3000 × W: 870 × H: 2100 mm
Machine Weight 300kg
Packaging Speed 15-35 bottles(cans)/min(Vary with different products, and filling weight.)
Power Required 220V,3Ø,2.5HP,50/60Hz
Air Pressure 5-6 kg/cm2