Liner Auto Six-Head Powder Auger Metering Filling Machine

  • Liner Auto Six-Head Powder Auger Metering Filling Machine
  • Liner Auto Six-Head Powder Auger Metering Filling Machine
  • Designed for metering and filling various kinds of powder and granular products into bottles/cans, such as Chinese / Western medicine powder, food powder and chemical powder... etc.
  • Range of filling and metering: 1-50 g. (Easy to change capacity by simply changing the auger).
  • Auger type filling metering system
  • Product Feature
  • Product Specification
  • Multi-head auger metering/filling system for efficient production of bottle/can products.
  • Equipped with a unique turntable bottle/can conveying-positioning system to perform the multi-head filling operation.
  • Automatic positioning system is applied to the conveyor for accurately positioning the bottle/can.
  • The parameter setting for each filling head is made independently.
  • Automatic bottle/can guide, bottle positioning elevation and vibration filling.
  • Available to connect with material supply system at pre-section for auto linking connection.
  • Available to link with the capping and labeling systems... etc. at post section.
  • Automatically stops when an error occurs. Stop filling automatically when there’s no bottle.
  • Transmission system of the filling machine is driven by Japan Mitsubishi servo motor for high accuracy and stability.
  • 10 sets of memory modules for memorizing different kinds of products and filling weights.
  • HMI touch screen for operational control.
  • All air cylinders employ Japan (SMC) for dependable quality and stability.
  • Japan Mitsubishi PLC.
Model SM-2101-6F
Machine Size L: 2300 × W: 2600 × H: 2500 mm
Machine Weight 1850kg
Filling Speed 60-100 bottles/min (Vary with different products, and filling weight.)
Power Required 220V,3Ø,8.5HP,50/60Hz
Air Pressure 6-8 kg/cm2